preferences screen

The Preferences window allows you to automate iSpeak It. You can turn on automatic iTunes transfers, causing iSpeak It to automatically transfer a document to iTunes after it has been loaded. You can also activate automatic loading of weather and/or web pages when iSpeak It launches. Finally you can choose to have iSpeak It automatically exit after completing the automatic loads and transfers; all you have to do is launch it and it will do the rest!

If at any time you don't want the automation to occur hold down the Option key on launch. This will override your preference settings so you can change them or load a document for conversion. You can also override the automatic exit preference by clicking on the progress indicator during the processing of your weather and/or web pages.

In all cases the current settings are used to determine what gets loaded and the iTunes attributes to apply (this is where the automatic definition of the song name based on the URL/document name comes in handy). For web pages all of the pages in your URL list are automatically loaded.

Note that these features (and the ability to access the Preferences) require the registration of iSpeak It.

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