Main Window

The iPresent It window allows you to manage the presentations to be converted to slideshows. Use the Add and Remove buttons to add and remove presentations from iPresent It. Removing a presentation will also ensure that the slideshow is removed from your iPod the next time you sync. You can also add presentations by simply dragging the presentations onto the presentation list.

A presentation will appear in bold text if it needs updating on your iPod. Either the presentation has never been converted into a slideshow or you've made changes to it since it was last converted into a slideshow.

Clicking on Create Slideshow(s) will cause iPresent It to convert your presentations into slideshows.

Slideshows are saved to any folder on your PC (the best choice being the folder you're using to sync with your iPod). Each slideshow will have its own sub-folder within the selected folder. Clicking on the folder name allows you to select another folder.

Finally, you can choose between creating slideshows for presentations or simply viewing on your iPod. Selecting Optimize for iPod Viewing ensures that the slides use all of your iPod's screen. This means that the slide contents are as readable as possible, even on an iPod nano. In addition, the slide resolution is maximized to ensure effective zooming when viewing the slides on an iPhone, iPod touch or PSP.

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