05 Dec 2009

Version 2.4 (Windows)
Support for Windows 7 and the latest version of PowerPoint.

06 Mar 2009

Version 2.4 (Mac)
Adds support for Keynote ‘09.

Adds support for non-English versions of OS X.

07 Mar 2008

Version 2.3
iPresent It will automatically detect portrait documents and optimize the pages for reading on an iPhone or iPod touch.

The slide names now contain the original document/presentation name to make them easier to identify and manage.

Fixes a number of bugs.

02 Feb 2008

Version 2.2.1 (Mac)
Fixes a launch problem.

31 Jan 2008

Version 2.2 (Mac)
Adds support for PowerPoint 2008.

26 Nov 2007

Version 2.1 (Mac)
Adds the ability to save slideshows to Aperture, in addition to iPhoto and a folder.

Fixes a problem with manipulating Keynote under Leopard.

29 Oct 2007

Version 2.0
Adds the ability to optimize for iPod viewing. This generates slides that use the entire iPod screen to ensure the best possible viewing on any iPod.
In addition, the slide resolution is maximized to ensure effective zooming when viewing the slides on an iPhone, iPod touch or PSP.

   Leopard compatibility.

   Fixes a problem with extracting widescreen presentations from PowerPoint.
   Fixes a memory use problem when processing a large number of presentations.

10 Aug 2007

Version 1.6 (Mac)
Ensures full compatibility with iPhoto and Keynote ‘08.

12 Apr 2007

Version 1.5
Added support for widescreen (1280x720) presentations. iPresent It will automatically detect your presentation resolution and ensure that it is formatted correctly for display in standard or widescreen format (perfect for presentations using the Apple TV).

The resolution of standard presentations has been improved.

   Added support for PowerPoint 2007.

A number of minor bug fixes.

17 Aug 2006

Windows Version 1.0.1

  • Manages slide naming to ensure that you get proper ordering on the iPod.
  • Fixes a loading problem when working with PowerPoint 2000 presentations.
  • Now works properly when running a non-English version of Windows/PowerPoint.
  • Properly uses selected folder when not My Pictures.

22 Jun 2006

Version 1.4.1 (Mac)
Added the selection of image type — you can choose between TIFF and JPEG images. TIFF images can include transparent backgrounds and this can lead to unreadable slides when displayed via an iPod.

The scaling has been adjusted to better ensure that slide edges appear clearly when displayed via an iPod.

01 Jun 2006

Windows Version 1.0
The initial release of iPresent It for Windows lets you

  • Create slideshows for PowerPoint and PDF presentations.
  • Save slideshows to a folder for syncing to your iPod via iTunes.
  • Easily add and remove presentations using the menu, buttons or simply dragging the presentations to the iPresent It window.
  • Track changes to presentations so you know which slideshows need updating on your iPod.

06 Feb 2006

Version 1.4
iPresent It works with Keynote 3 (iWork ‘06) and iPhoto 6 (iLife ‘06) and is now a Universal application.

There are also a couple of minor bug fixes and enhancements.

01 Dec 2005

Version 1.3.1
Fixed a problem whereby the original presentation may be deleted when performing a drag and drop one-time conversion of a presentation.

28 Nov 2005

Version 1.3
Improved image quality by ensuring that TIFF images are used both on the iPod and for all image processing.

Added an OS X print dialog Save As PDF menu item so any document can be converted into a slideshow for presenting via an iPod.

You can now drag and drop presentation documents onto iPresent It (or its Dock icon) for one-time conversion into a slideshow.

Added a time remaining estimate when processing images.

Fixed a problem with the processing of large PowerPoint presentations.

A number of minor bug fixes and enhancements.

30 Apr 2005

Version 1.2.1
Added Tiger compatibility.

11 Apr 2005

Version 1.2
Added a separate preferences sheet and moved the save location to it.

Added a preference for turning off image optimization (scaling). iPresent It optimizes images for display on standard televisions and 800x600 projectors. You would want to turn off this optimization if, for example, you have a 1024x768 presentation that you will show on a 1024x768 projector (so the optimization isn’t required). Another possibility would be for putting a presentation on a PSP, which does its own scaling, rotating, etc. for you (it may not have video output but the screen is great for reviewing a presentation or reading a PDF document).

Added a preference for including builds with Keynote 2 (so you can turn off separate images for each build step).

Improved PDF processing so that we can more reliably extract page images.

Fixed Keynote 2 processing so that it works with non-English versions of Keynote and OS X.

The usual minor bug fixes.

24 Mar 2005

Version 1.1.2
Revamped and optimized PDF processing.

Fixed file management issues when processing PowerPoint presentations (that only occurred under very specific and rare situations).

24 Feb 2005

Version 1.1.1
Keynote 2 support improved to handle a variety of Keynote configurations.

PowerPoint support improved to allow for international versions of PowerPoint and OS X.

Reduced the need for restarting Keynote 2. Restarts are only required if the export settings don’t match iPresent It’s requirements (i.e. if you never change them Keynote will retain iPresent It’s settings).

Minor user interface tweaks to ensure menu items are updated correctly.

02 Feb 2005

Version 1.1
Full Keynote 2 support and verified compatibility with iPhoto 5 (which is supported by all versions of iPresent It). Please see the iPresent It Help section on Keynote for important information regarding Keynote 2 support.

Keynote 2 support includes support for builds. Each build step of a slide is converted into a unique image for displaying via your iPod photo.

iPresent It now supports high resolution presentations such as 1024x768 Keynote presentations and 300dpi PowerPoint slides (see the iPresent It Help for details on how to obtain high resolution PowerPoint slides).

iPresent It will track modifications to presentations to indicate (with bullets) which presentations need updating on your iPod photo. See the screenshot for an example of how it looks.

You can now select multiple presentations to generate slideshows for a subset of the presentations.

07 Dec 2004

Version 1.0.1
Keynote processing is now built-in.

Improved image quality for both PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

Added support for PowerPoint X in addition to 2004.

Images are scaled to 800x600 to ensure that they aren’t cropped during the iTunes conversion process.

The application window can now be resized to allow for the expanding of the presentation list.

18 Nov 2004

Version 1.0
The initial release so everything is new.

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