I’m having trouble extracting Keynote presentations. Why doesn’t iPresent It make any progress?
iPresent It needs to tell Keynote what to do and it starts by launching Keynote and telling it to load your presentation. If you have Keynote displaying the start-up window asking you what to do, then Keynote will ignore iPresent It’s request to open the presentation. To avoid this, set Keynote to not display the start-up window when it launches.

Does iPresent It work with my iPod?
In general, iPresent It works with any iPod that has a color display. The only iPod for which this isn’t true is the iPod nano since it doesn’t support video output.

How do I give a presentation with my iPod?
To run your presentation connect your iPod to a projector or television using an iPod A/V cable provided by Apple. Select the presentation within Photos and press the play button to start the presentation.

You’ll need to make sure you have TV Out activated. We suggest that you select Manual for the iPod’s Time Per Slide setting — this will ensure you have full control of your presentation.

How do I give a presentation with my Apple TV? Is it worthwhile?
The Apple TV allows you to sync photos from your computer via iTunes (just like an iPod). On the Apple TV you can set slide timing (unfortunately there’s no manual option at this time), transitions, etc. It’s very similar to working with an iPod.

The main limitation is that you can only connect to a display using component video or HDMI. This is restrictive in that most projectors don’t support either of these connection options. You can, however, get an HDMI to DVI cable (such as this cable) — this lets you connect to any monitor with a DVI connector.

Is it worthwhile? The image quality is excellent for showing slides (and you can create widescreen presentations)! If you’re going to a trade show or are giving a presentation in a standard size meeting room then using a standard LCD monitor is a great way to go.

I’m syncing my iPod’s photos with Adobe Photoshop Album/Elements (Windows). How can I make this work with iPresent It?
In addition to syncing with a folder, iTunes allows you to sync photos from Adobe Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements. iPresent It for Windows doesn’t support adding presentations to these applications but all you need to do is follow these guidelines.

Photoshop Album
Photoshop Album will maintain a Favorite Folder (settable from within the preferences) and will notify you if there are changes to the folder on launch. Set this folder to be the folder used by iPresent It and launch Album after running iPresent It. If Album doesn’t automatically add the new images you can select Get Photos->From Favorites Folder from the File menu. If that doesn’t add the new images you can select Get Photos->From Files and Folders from the File menu and select the presentations just generated.

Photoshop Elements
Photoshop Elements will maintain a list of Watched Folders (settable by selecting Watch Folders from the File menu) and will notify you if there are changes to these folders on launch. Include the folder used by iPresent It and launch Elements after running iPresent It. If Elements doesn’t automatically add the new images you can select Get Photos->From Files and Folders from the File menu and select the presentations just generated.

In either case, this will not clear existing images nor create Collections for your presentation. You will need to create a Collection (with your presentation’s name) and add the images to that Collection so that the slideshows are organized by presentation on your iPod. Before adding the new images to the Collection make sure you delete any old images in the Collection.

Does iPresent It include the builds and transitions in my presentations?
Yes and no. Keynote 1.x and PowerPoint do not have build support but Keynote 2 does.

The iPod will only display still images so any animations you have will be converted into a single image. This means that only the final state of the slide will be converted into an image.

You can simulate builds by using multiple slides instead of one slide. Each subsequent slide will include the next element added. You don’t get any animations but you can introduce concepts one at a time. With Keynote 2 iPresent It does this automatically by generating a separate slide for each phase of the build.

I’m having trouble getting Keynote presentations onto my iPod. Why can’t iPresent It get any images out of Keynote?
This problem is caused by the fact that Keynote doesn’t have an effective means for applications like iPresent It to extract presentation contents. As such you must let iPresent It and Keynote proceed without any disruptions.

This means that you can’t use Keynote while iPresent It is processing Keynote presentations. Hopefully there will (some day) be an update of Keynote that will remove this requirement.

Why does my presentation load and start to play when I want to create a slideshow for it?
This is caused by your presentation being set to auto-play when opened. To correctly create the slideshow make sure that you have auto-play turned off.

Why are the slides not in presentation order when put into iPhoto?
iPhoto organizes photos based on the current settings within the View menu. The default is to sort by Date while the slides are organized by Title. If you change the view option to be Title for the presentation’s album they will be ordered correctly within iPhoto.

Note that the View settings do not apply to the organization of the slides on your iPod. Slides are organized by title on your iPod and iPresent It is designed to ensure that your slides are ordered correctly on your iPod.

How do I use iPresent It with projectors that support USB flash drives?
InFocus and ASK Proxima have projectors that can run presentations off of a USB flash drive. After using iPresent It to generate slideshows to a folder you can copy the contents of that folder onto a USB flash drive. The slideshows are completely compatible and ready to run on these projectors.

Can I use iPresent It with my Digital Camera?
Yes you can, although it’s a little more work. You will need to put the images on to a memory card. In addition you will need to put them within the correct folder. This is the same folder the camera uses to save pictures.

To determine this location, connect your camera (or load a memory card via a card reader) and use the Finder to locate pictures currently on the memory card. This is where you have to put the slideshow images.

How do you automate Keynote 1.x? I thought it wasn’t possible.
King Chung Huang of the University of Calgary has created a Keynote plug-in that adds AppleScript support to Keynote. iPresent It automatically updates Keynote to include this plug-in so that it can automate the processing of Keynote presentations. AppleScript support isn’t complete (iPresent It will be updated as new features are added) but you can automate most common Keynote functions.

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