rss screen

Selecting RSS allows you to enter/select URLs for downloading. iPDA will provide the text from the feed. iPDA supports standard web pages and RSS feeds.

If you've copied a URL to the clipboard iPDA will automatically add it to the URL list when you click on the add button. Note that if the URL is already present the new URL is ignored and the current entry is highlighted to indicate that it is present.

When a web page URL is added iPDA will check to see if there's an RSS feed for the page. If so, the RSS feed is used instead of the actual page.

iPDA maintains a history of feed entries that have been downloaded to ensure that you only get those entries you haven't listened to yet. If you want to listen to all entries from a feed you can select the Include All Entries option.

Selecting Include Articles will cause iPDA to extract the text from the full article of each RSS feed entry and include it after the entry's text. If iPDA cannot download or process the full article then only the entry will be present. Note that this setting is ignored if iPDA determines that the full article is present in the feed itself. This is determined based on the number of paragraphs present in the feed text.

If you're looking for RSS feeds you can go to syndic8 or use NetNewsWire's list of feeds.

RSS is only available for iPods with Note support and you will see your feeds under RSS.

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