mail screen

Clicking the Mail button activates the Mail window. You can select specific folders, to transfer all of the messages contained within those folders, or transfer all messages to your iPod. The messages appear as Note entries within Mail. Further, within the Mail folder the messages are organized by category. Regardless of where the messages are placed they are ordered based on the time sent, with the most recently sent messages appearing first.

You can restrict which messages are available for transferring. You can have only unread messages, only flagged messages, and you can limit the messages to only those sent or received within a given time period. Each of these options restrict which messages are displayed and subsequently which messages can be transferred.

Finally, you can have Entourage check for new e-mail before transferring messages to your iPod. Selecting the Auto Run Schedule option allows you to specify a pre-defined schedule to have Entourage execute (the default is Send & Receive All). The first time you load the Mail window, and on every Sync operation, iPDA will tell Entourage to check for new messages prior to transferring them to your iPod.

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