29 Apr 2010

Version 4.5.2
Updates Evernote support to work with the latest version of Evernote.

10 Apr 2010

Version 4.5.1
Fixes a problem with Entourage Contact syncing in Snow Leopard.

25 Sep 2009

Version 4.5
Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) compatibility:

  • Support for iCal CalDAV account calendar syncing. Now you can easily sync your Google Calendars via iCal.
  • Support for minor changes to Mail.
New application icon and button layout.

Fixes a problem with non-US weather downloads.

A number of minor improvements and bug fixes.

19 Aug 2009

Version 4.3
Adds Evernote syncing.

15 May 2009

Version 4.2.4
Fix handling of GMail labels.

Removed News since Google keeps changing it. Please use RSS to get news onto your iPod.

17 Apr 2009

Version 4.2.3
Bug fixes.

27 Mar 2009

Version 4.2.2
iCal related bug fixes.

07 Dec 2008

Version 4.2.1
Fix News processing for the US.

24 Sep 2008

Version 4.2
Supports the 4G nano’s contact grouping functionality.

Improves Entourage contact processing.

Improves RSS feed processing to better extract text from web pages.

08 Aug 2008

Version 4.1.4
Updates Driving Directions to work with Google’s new mapping features.

26 Jul 2008

Version 4.1.3
Improves RSS and Entourage event processing.

20 Jun 2008

Version 4.1.2
Improves RSS feed processing and the extraction of full articles from web pages.

27 Mar 2008

Version 4.1.1
Improves Documents, Stickies and Mail processing such that they properly support extended characters, diacritics, etc.

07 Feb 2008

Version 4.1
Adds full Entourage 2008 support.

Gmail messages now appear in their own Gmail folder on your iPod so you can sync both your local mail and Gmail.

Improves RSS feed processing.

Fixes News downloading to account for US election news.

04 Jan 2008

Version 4.0.3
Handles Mail Notes that contain images.

Supports Quick Look for all files transferred to your iPod.

Verifies Weather cities when they are added.

Cleaning Notes now includes Mail Notes in addition to Entourage Notes.

Fixes problems with preference setting and your iPod being ejected by iTunes prior to sync completion.

07 Dec 2007

Version 4.0.2
Fixes RSS downloads under Tiger.

Fixes News downloads under Tiger.

Fixes Gmail password saving in Keychain under Tiger.

Fixes Direction transfer problems.

23 Nov 2007

Version 4.0.1
Improves Gmail message downloading by switching to the new IMAP interface for accessing and downloading messages. Please ensure that you have IMAP support enabled for your Gmail account.

Improves Mail text processing to ensure correct handling of HTML only messages and messages containing extended characters.

Fixes Address Book backward (Tiger) compatibility.

Fixes a problem with the automatic detection/addition of RSS feeds in websites.

15 Nov 2007

Version 4.0
Leopard compatibility, including:

  • Syncing Mail Notes,
  • Sync Mail To Do’s, and
  • Improvements to iCal, Mail, Address Book and Entourage syncing.
Please see the Mail help page for details on how to make the most out of Note and To Do syncing.

Sync selection has been made more intuitive by making it available within each category window (instead of in the preferences).

Fixes a number of minor problems.

03 Oct 2007

Version 3.4.1
Improved Mail and Gmail message processing to properly handle standard message encodings.

Fixed PDF processing to correctly handle accented characters.

Added Previous Page links to notes that span multiple pages — now you can easily navigate forwards and backwards through your notes.

Fixed a problem with the downloading of directions.

27 Aug 2007

Version 3.4
You can now transfer your Gmail conversations and contacts to your iPod.

Stickies now includes notes from the Stickies Dashboard widget — in addition to the notes from the Stickies application.

Ensures full compatibility with Pages ‘08.

Improves directions support for International users.

The feed button icon is now the standard RSS icon.

Minor bug fixes for RSS feeds, directions, and Sync error handling.

07 Jun 2007

Version 3.3
You can now download driving directions from Google Maps directly to your iPod.

iPDA will now backup the contents of selected folders (and their sub-folders) to your iPod. Make sure your important files are always with you (not to mention having a backup copy in case your Mac drive fails).

Mail message listings now include the sender name in the note title (in addition to the subject) to allow for easier identification of messages.

Mail messages now list the file names of the attachments in the message.

The iPDA trial now allows for 6 full syncs before requiring a purchase.

When producing multiple pages for a note, iPDA now numbers pages with 3 digits to support up to 1000 pages instead of 100 pages.

When reading full News articles, pressing your iPod’s menu button now takes you back to the news summary page instead of the first page of the article.

You can now option click iCal calendars to edit the URL (just like RSS feeds).

Fixed some problems with Mail message processing, iCal processing in OS X 10.3.9 and a rare problem when adding documents.

15 Nov 2006

Version 3.2.1
Fixed a problem with PDF document processing when using Transfer Now.

13 Nov 2006

Version 3.2
You can now transfer the contents of PDF and Pages 2 documents.

Changed note linking so that pressing the Menu button on your iPod takes you to the first note you read, making it easier to back out of a chain of notes and move to the next item to read.

Subscribing to shared iCals now supports Backpack (see www.backpackit.com) in addition to Google calendars. In general, iPDA should support subscribing to any web based calendaring system that supports the iCal standard. If there’s a calendaring system that doesn’t work please let us know.

You can now option click on an RSS feed or Document to see and/or change its current location.

Transferring Entourage Mail folders no longer includes sub-folders since you can select those separately.

Fixed US weather downloading.

Fixed some minor problems with RSS/web page processing.

11 Sep 2006

Version 3.1

  • You can now download Google calendars to your iPod. See the Help for details on how to subscribe to Google calendars as Web Calendars.
  • iPDA now uses the calendar name for subscribed calendars (instead of the file name) for a more accurate listing of your calendars within iPDA.
  • Fixed a problem where subscribed calendars were not always getting their full note text.
  • Reorganized feeds on the iPod such that every feed has it’s own folder and each news article has its own note. We also ensure that the news articles are ordered with the most recent article at the top of the list of notes in a folder.
  • If a feed has no new articles the feed will no longer appear on the iPod — I was finding it annoying to open a feed to only find out that there was nothing new.
  • When adding a web page iPDA will check for an RSS feed and ask if you want to add the page contents or the feed.
  • Added Atom feed support.
  • Improved full article processing. Note that we recommend the use of Atom feeds since they tend to include the full article without having to download an additional web page (if you have existing feeds it might be a good idea to remove them and add the equivalent Atom feed — if available).
  • Added a None item to the category lists so that you can choose to sync only those items that don’t belong to any category — applies to Events, Contacts, Notes and Tasks.
  • When selecting multiple categories for syncing iPDA now ensures that items that have multiple categories only appear once on the iPod.
  • Tasks are no longer ordered in Notes and the To Do list. The ordering was causing too many problems. iPDA no relies on the iPod’s default ordering (currently alphabetical but that could change in the future to use priority, due date, etc).
There are many more minor changes and fixes, including guaranteeing unique file names for contact and notes — allowing for multiple entries with the same title/name.

13 Jan 2006

Version 3.0.1
Fixed a problem when trying to add multiple documents and/or folders to iPDA.

Gracefully handle documents that are deleted or renamed in the Finder.

Transfer Now will always transfer everything — it used to only transfer selected items.

Fixed a problem with Entourage Events and Tasks not transferring all of the required entries.

Updated Clean to allow for easily removing all Contacts, Calendars and Notes currently on your iPod.

A number of minor bug fixes to Weather city entry and Mail filtering.

05 Jan 2006

Version 3.0
Application name changed from iPod It to iPDA.

Added document transferring capabilities:

  • You can select any number of Word, RTF and text documents for transfer to your iPod.
  • You can select folders to transfer all contained documents to your iPod.
  • All documents are accessible within your iPod’s Notes section.
You can now select multiple Mail folders/mailboxes for transferring to your iPod.

You can now select multiple Entourage categories and Address Book groups for transferring to your iPod.

Calendar entries now include calendar names so you can easily identify where they come from without having to back out of the calendar view.

Contacts now include category/group names so you can identify where they belong in Entourage/Address Book.

Improved Mail processing by eliminating a problem that would cause Mail to hang.

Improved iCal handling of completed To Do items.

Improved the formatting of iCal and Contacts notes.

Many other improvements including web page processing, note splitting, Entourage Notes and Tasks organizations within Notes, the handling of contacts with Asian text, and a number of user inteface enhancements.

29 Oct 2005

Version 2.5.2
Mail mailbox names now include the account name so you can uniquely identify mailboxes with the same name (e.g. Inbox). Note that if you have selected a mailbox for syncing iPod It will revert to All mailboxes since it’s mailbox identifiers have changed.

Fixed Event and Contact handling with Entourage 2004 SP2.

27 Sep 2005

Version 2.5.1
Fixed Event support with Entourage X and attendee handling with Entourage 2004 SP2.

Fixed iCal support to ensure that event notes are always include on your iPod.

Removing iCal calendars from your iPod no longer removes Entourage calendars.

09 Sep 2005

Version 2.5
Added RSS feed syncing capabilities:

  • You can subscribe to any number of RSS feeds and have the articles automatically synced to your iPod as Notes entries.
  • iPod It maintains a history to ensure that only unread articles are synced to your iPod.
  • Adding RSS feeds is as easy as dragging and dropping the feed URL into iPod It’s feed list.
  • You can choose to download the full articles for your feeds. iPod It will ensure that articles are only included if the full text isn’t in the feed itself.
Web page processing (for News article and RSS article downloads) has been improved under Tiger.

iCal support has been completely revamped:
  • The calendar listing has been redesigned to enhance usability.
  • Better selection of calendars to sync — you can now choose which local calendars to transfer to your iPod.
  • Location information now appears within the notes section of an event.
  • Event attendees not in Address Book are now included in the iPod’s attendee list.
  • To Do support has been enhanced:
    • You can choose to not transfer completed To Do items.
    • You can choose to transfer To Do items as calendar events so that your iPod will generate alarms for items with due dates.
    • To Do items being created as calendar events now include the note text (Tiger only) and completed status.
Mail support has been updated to improve message extraction — it’s now faster and can handle very large attachments in a message.

Entourage Tasks going into the To Do list now include their priority information.

Entourage Events now include any invited attendees when viewed on your iPod.

19 May 2005

Version 2.4.3
Now Tiger compatible — supporting the new versions of iCal and Mail.

Improved Stickies processing and made Tiger compatible.

You can now remove iCal To Do items.

News download processing has been improved.

24 Feb 2005

Version 2.4.2

  • Fixed a problem with recurring event modifications not always being shown correctly on the iPod.
  • Improved Entourage X support.
  • Tasks going into Calendars are now ordered by priority (if they appear on the same day) and show completed status using the same text as To Do entries.
  • Tasks going into Notes now includes an “Other” folder for tasks without a category (to match Notes and Calendar organization).
  • Task completed status is no longer shown if you’re only transferring incomplete tasks.
  • Events that span a month (start in one month and end in the next) now have the event end date displayed correctly.
Web Services
  • Fixed news and weather downloads.
  • Improved the processing of web pages for News full article downloads.
  • Updated the icon and utility icons to use the latest iPod icon.
  • Added birthday and maiden name fields to Address Book contacts.
  • Fixed Mail processing to ensure proper handling of subjects with extended characters (e.g. accented characters) and proper handling of attachment information.

05 Oct 2004

Version 2.4.1
This version includes a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements:

  • News downloads have been fixed.
  • Generation of full News articles has been improved.
  • Entourage Tasks and Notes without a category now go into an Other folder to match the organization found with Calendars.
  • Entourage Tasks going into a Calendar will now generate correct alarms.
  • Entourage Events that cross multiple days now contain text indicating when the event ends.
  • Entourage Notes and Stickies are now ordered based on titles.
  • Fixed a problem with Entourage Mail messages not exporting when they are within a sub-folder.

17 Aug 2004

Version 2.4

  • Optimized Event transfer when using a date range.
  • Recurring events that have individual events moved now display correctly on the iPod if you’re using Entourage 2004.
  • When exporting all Notes they will now be organized by category within the iPod Notes section (with properly linking/ordering based on category).
  • When exporting Tasks to Notes they are now organized by category (with properly linking/ordering based on category).
  • Contact custom fields and Instant Messaging addresses are now included in the contact’s note section.
  • You can now sync multiple city weather forecasts.
  • Today’s weather forecast now includes the sun/moon rise/set times.
  • Weather forecasts for one day (day and overnight) to a Calendar now appear as a single entry in the calendar (overnight used to be separate at midnight but this tended to get lost at the bottom of the day).
  • Fixed a problem with weather forecasts for cities with spaces and commas.
  • You can now choose to download full articles in addition to the news headlines.
  • Fixed a problem with News titles in Notes not displaying extended characters properly.
  • Fixed note linking in News when splitting across pages.
  • Added support for mailbox selection.
  • Fixed a problem processing messages that contain no text.
  • Fixed a problem with messages that had no plain text but included graphics and/or html only (e.g. iCards).
Address Book
  • Custom fields and instant messaging addresses are now included in the contact’s note section. iPod It also includes extra e-mail and phone numbers for 1.x iPods (since they don’t recognize the special vCard fields used by Address Book).
  • iPod It now supports contacts with extended (non-English) characters.
  • There is no longer an iPod version preference; iPod It will automatically get this information from your iPod.
  • ⌘-. will cancel a sync operation (instead of escape) so that iPod It uses the standard Mac key combination.
  • File names for Note entries are now only the index number. The name is only used for linking and this guarantees valid links all the time (the iPod doesn’t seem to handle extended characters in links).
More minor enhancements and bug fixes.

10 Feb 2004

Version 2.3.2
This version provides more robust and efficient support for Panther Mail.

Entourage Contacts now include all personal information for a contact, including birth date, spouse, children and interests.

Entourage Mail now has the ability to transfer messages from all folders at once.

Entourage Mail now has the ability to filter based on sent as well as received time.

Fixed a problem with News transfers when running OS X 10.2.x.

Fixed a problems with Calendar deletion and date range filtering with Entourage Events.

Fixed a problem with sticky formatting when transferring them into Contacts (for iPods running version 1.3 software).

Fixed a number of minor file management bugs.

20 Jan 2004

Version 2.3.1
This version fixes a number of problems with Panther Mail support; all Mail users should update to this version. Changes/fixes include:

  • Properly include all messages stored in folders on your Mac (including sub-folders).
  • Messages are now organized on the iPod based on their Mail folder (including the linking of messages across folders).
  • Properly handle messages with attachments.
  • Include redirected, forwarded, and replied flags in the message header generated for reading on the iPod.
  • Users with multiple accounts no longer see duplicate messages.
  • Added a number of error handling features to deal with unexpected problems trying to retrieve information; read this as gracefully handling Mail AppleScript bugs.

Now ensures unique Note file names (using the sequence number used for ordering and linking). This is mainly an issue for e-mail messages that have the same subject line.

Fixed a rare problem whereby a connected iPod wouldn’t properly be detected.

Fixed a problem whereby some recurring event from Entourage were not appearing on an iPod.

02 Jan 2004

Version 2.3
Added full support for Panther Mail. This includes message linking and note splitting. iPod It is now able to transfer messages from all of your accounts and all of the mailboxes within those accounts. You also have the ability to filter messages based on whether or not they are flagged.

Changed the management of files on the iPod. Syncing will now always delete iPod contents while using Export Now within a window will never delete iPod contents (this allows for the easy adding of a new contact, for example). To support this iPod It will always generate individual files for notes and contacts and aggregates events based on category.

Fixed some formatting problems with Calendar names and News for “non-Latin” characters (e.g. accented letters and umlauts).

Fixed a problem detecting an iPod when there are secondary hard drives present (i.e. other than the main drive).

Lots of other bug fixes (too many to list…). If you’re curious about a change you’re seeing or want the full list, contact me and I’ll let you know.

12 Nov 2003

Version 2.2
Notes entries that are longer than 4KB are now split into multiple entries within a sub-folder. Each entry is linked to the following entry to ease navigation while reading.

Notes entries within a folder are now organized and linked so that you can easily navigate to the following entry in the folder.

You can now select an Address Book group to transfer to your iPod; all contacts within the group are transferred. In addition, the notes for each contact are included in the Contacts entries (this seems to have disappeared with Panther).

All existing iCals are now removed when transferring iCals to your iPod.

Fixed some more problems with text containing “non-English” characters when transferring Entourage events.

The locating of an iPod is now more reliable and iPod It now handles iPod names with any characters.

The removal of files from an iPod as been revamped to more reliably remove the required files.

Many other enhancements and bug fixes (too many to list…). If you’re curious about a change you’re seeing or want the full list, contact me and I’ll let you know.

25 Sep 2003

Version 2.1
There are a number of usability enhancements:

  • Button names now have a check mark beside the name if it is currently set for syncing.
  • Command clicking a button will toggle syncing on/off (requires registration).
  • Command-option clicking a button will automatically initiate an export of the selected information (requires registration).
  • Command clicking the Clean button will automatically remove all Contacts, Calendars and/or Notes on your iPod (requires registration).

You can override the sync on launch preference by holding down the Option key when launching iPod It.

You can now export Entourage Tasks to the To Do list of 2.0 iPods. Note that having them in the Calendar gives you full support for tasks, including alarms based on your remind time and categories. The iPod doesn’t support To Do alarms and categories so your remind times and categories are lost. The iPod also expects the To Do items to be within a calendar but since it doesn’t support categories you will see a calendar called Other that will be empty (unless you have events that don’t belong to a category); this is the default calendar the iPod puts events into if they don’t belong to a calendar and that’s where it puts your To Do items.

Fixed a problem with “non-US” characters (e.g. umlauts) when exporting France or Germany News and Stickies to Notes.

Fixed Weather download problems.

Fixed a problem generating contact names when all you have is an e-mail address for the contact.

07 Aug 2003

Version 2.0.2
Fixed a problem with weather downloads in the US. Along with the fix, downloads have been made faster and the weather update time now accurately reflects when the forecast was last updated (and not when it was transferred to your iPod).

Added France and Germany to the News downloads. The section titles are now localized such that you get accurate local titles when viewed on your iPod.

Fixed another problem whereby some people couldn’t successfully run the application if you didn’t have Entourage installed. Sorry about that; this should (finally) do it for people who have never installed Entourage on their Mac.

Fixed a problem with the display of Address Book entries that didn’t have a first and/or last name.

Corrected a problem with iPod ejecting to indicate when iPod It couldn’t successfully eject the iPod (instead of inaccurately indicating that it had been ejected and was safe to disconnect).

28 Jul 2003

Version 2.0.1
Fixed a problem whereby you couldn’t successfully run the application if you didn’t have Entourage installed. Sorry about that!

You can now transfer iCal To Do items into a calendar called “To Do” if you are using a version 1.3 iPod (which doesn’t have native support for To Do items). They are organized by due date, with those that have no due date or are past due appearing on the current date (at the time of the transfer). Past due items will continue to follow the current day as you transfer your data as a reminder that they need to be completed. They will also contain text indicating when they were originally due.
Warning iPod It transfers all of your To Do items. If you have iCal setup to hide completed items it is important to remember that they have not been deleted. As such, they will all be transferred to your iPod and can result in you unnecessarily reaching the iPod’s calendar entry limit (if you’ve gone through hundreds of items). It’s probably a good idea to delete your old completed items.

Fixed a problem with deleting weather forecasts with long city names (or rather the fact that they weren’t being deleted). Due to the required changes, the city name may now differ from that of the file currently on your iPod. If this is the case it won’t delete the existing file since iPod It will only delete forecasts from the same city. It would be a good idea to perform a Clean operation prior to exporting a new weather forecast.

Fixed a problem with Stickies whereby it wouldn’t transfer stickies with font settings other than the default.

Fixed a problem with Mail.app messages where the sender didn’t include a name (all you have is the e-mail address).

iPod It would try to remember your last window position so that it would open in the same location the next time it was run. This was causing too many problems so the feature has been removed (it may return if I find a good way of handling it).

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