Who needs a PDA when you have an iPod?
iPDA is the perfect companion to the iPod by serving as a replacement PDA. Word, PDF, Apple Pages, RTF or text documents may be easily transferred to iPod so data is available for quick access, any time. Download Evernote, RSS feeds, weather forecasts and driving directions directly to the iPod. iPDA supports transferring information from Entourage, Stickies, Mail, Address Book and iCal, making it simple to put the information users need on their iPods.

Note that iPDA does not support the iPhone or iPod touch.

Download Now
Mac OS X 10.5 or later version 4.5.2 (1.5MB)
- Trial version allows you to transfer all your information up to 6 times
- see the screenshots for full details on iPDA functionality
- Release Notes

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- $19.95 USD, Buy from Kagi - OR -
- or Buy iPDA, iSpeak It and iPresent It for the low price of $39.95
- Upgrade to version 4.x ($10.00 USD, via PayPal)

Transfer all or a subset of your Entourage events, contacts, messages, notes and tasks to your iPod.

Transfer all or a subset of your Stickies, Mail messages, Address Book contacts, and iCal calendars and To Do's. With Leopard (OS X 10.5), transfer Mail Notes and To Do's.

Download your Google calendars (or any web based calendaring system that supports the iCal standard) directly to your iPod.

Download your Gmail conversations to your iPod.

Download your Evernote notebooks to your iPod.

Automatically backup folders from your Mac to your iPod to ensure that your most important files are always up-to-date and on your iPod.

Transfer Word, PDF, Pages, RTF and text documents for reading on your iPod.

Download RSS feeds. iPDA ensures that only unread articles are transferred to your iPod.

Download weather forecasts and driving directions.

Subscribe to Internet published iCals for direct download and transfer to your iPod.

Includes all of your Calendar and Contact information. Fields not supported by the iPod (e.g. meeting locations and IM addresses) are included within the event/contact notes.

Advanced filtering to control the information that gets transferred. Examples include date ranges for events, flagged contacts, unread (and/or flagged) messages and tasks based on whether or not they have been completed.

Supports all iPod versions:

  • Messages, notes/stickies, tasks and weather forecasts can be transferred into your iPod's Notes. The information is organized by type and category to allow for easy navigation to all of your information. Notes longer than 4KB are split into multiple notes. Notes are organized and linked to allow for easy navigation while reading.
  • Events, tasks, weather forecasts and iCals can be transferred into your iPod's Calendar. Your calendar information will be organized into separate calendars based on category. Tasks can also be transferred to the To Do list.
  • For older iPods, iCal To Do items can be transferred as entries in a "To Do" calendar.
  • For original iPods, contacts, messages, notes, tasks and weather forecasts appear as Contact entries. Long entries are logically split into multiple contacts.

Sync all (or a subset) of your information to your iPod with a single click. Uses your filter settings to determine what information gets synced.

Automate the syncing of your information by selecting automatic syncing on launch and automatic exit following a sync. Use iPod Launcher and connecting your iPod is all you'll ever have to do!

Provides for manual transferring of information if you need more control over what gets transferred to your iPod.

Locates your iPod and transfers information to the correct location within your iPod without asking you where it should go.

Clean your iPod of all information within given iPDA categories.

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